New Sites Expand the Programme in Spring 2021

Several new rewilding sites have been added to the programme in May 2021

In May 2021, the programme expanded over 221 hectares. The following sites were added:

- Kivisuo Paanakka OGF forests expanded the Kivisuo peatland complex with over 40 hectares
- Korteaapa peatland in Kemijärvi, in Arctic Circle, joined the programme, totaling 55 hectares
- Matosuo in Soini, Western Finland, 36 hectares is a primary winter habitat for the forest deer
- Louhineva fen, 90 hectares, is a significant turn for the lake Kuivasjärvi catchment and a home of 2-3 nesting pairs of the southernmost ptarmigan in Finland.



Hogan Lovells Releases a Set of PodCasts

Hogan-Lovells, one of the sponsors of the Landscape Rewilding Programme, has opened a set of high-end podcasts for public.



4/13/2021 Supports Rewilding

Today, the Impact Challenge on Climate has granted Snowchange a major support for the rewilding work.

The award is given for “rewilding depleted peatlands sites which are natural carbon sinks to mitigate climate change, support biodiversity and support enabling technologies and alternative land-use all integrating the indigenous communities and their knowledge.“




International Partnerships and Sister Sites

Landscape Rewilding Program has a number of international rewilding and restoration sister sites, which constitute the partnerships of the Snowchange network of international rewilding sites.

Landscape Rewilding Program sister sites are located all over the world. The primary partners include:
1. East Trinity Wetland, Queensland, Australia (pictured)
2. Firesticks, Indigenous Fire Management Organisation, Australia
3. Poutama Park Rewilding, Tongaporutu, Aoteoroa - NZ
4. Stikine River Catchment with the Tu’dese’cho Wholistic Indigenous Leadership Development Society (TWILD), British Columbia, Canada
5. Ekuri Forest, Largest Rainforest Area in Western Africa, Nigeria
6. Elwha River Restoration Project, WA, USA
Please contact us for further information!




Puruvesi added

Puruvesi, the traditional fishery lake in North Karelia, added as a site.




New Extensive Web Portal Captures the Essentials of the Landscape Rewilding Programme

Open today, the Landscape Rewilding Portal summarizes the results and sites of the Snowchange restoration programme building on Indigenous and local knowledge and latest science. It is at

Where is the home of the brook lamprey?

Where can you find the largest wetland in Western Finland?

What is the connection between river Koitajoki and J.R.R. Tolkien?

How does the very first co-management area of Finland with the Skolt Sámi look like?

Where could you potentially see the ultra-rare long-billed dowitcher?

Which area emerged as one of the largest nature protection sites in Finland in 2020?

How does traditional river seining help the survival of the endangered whitefish?

Answers to these questions and many more are unveiled at the over 30 sites on the portal. Landscape Rewilding Programme has expanded rapidly since 2017, today covering 26,000 hectares of land and waters impacted, 1700 hectares owned by the programme and 4 major catchment areas across the country being the core of the work (rivers Koitajoki, Jukajoki and Näätämö and lake Kuivasjärvi). Scalable 3D maps and photography by award winning Mika Honkalinna takes the portal to another level.

If people are looking for an outdoor site to visit or see how rewilding can re-connect ecosystems, the portal is a place to go. Each week new content is added when new research and other results become available.

The portal has been programmed by NolWenture in Joensuu in cooperation with Snowchange.